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360 Scan Options

360 Scan


The 360 Scan tests more metabolic, biochemistry and hematological factors than ever before. You want to know what is happening with your body? The 360 Scan will point the way. Includes as much time as you need with your Clinician before and after your results are in. Plus you get a clear action plan with your Member Advocate taking care of your bookings and follow ups.

360 Starter Session


Okay, you don't want to do all the testing but still want to have time with our Clinician to create a plan and have a Member Advocate assist you to make it happen.

Home Labs + ECG visit

Make it easy for yourself, have a nurse or lab technician come to your home, take all of your samples, vitals, ECG and they might even leave a few cookies. Yum!

Functional Physical


If you want the entire picture of your health add the Functional Physical option. This is a rigorous test for cardio, strength, posture, balance and flexibility. You'll see where your physical capacities and capabilities are for your age and sex.