We measure your health.

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Is the 360 Health Scan right for you?

If you’re 40 years old or older.  If your parents or siblings have a health history with any disease patterns, your risk is higher.

A 360 Health Scan takes the “unknowns” and makes them “knowns”.    We measure your health. 

We employ extensive tests to identify common and not-so-common issues.  
Metabolic, biochemistry, hematology...more.

We make it easy, with @home labs.

We make it understandable with our 360 Health Report.

We take action with referrals, prescriptions and imaging.

A smart approach to your longevity and health.

*Did you know that your employee benefits will cover most (if not all) of the costs of your 360 Health Scan?
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Your 360 test results are ready!

Your report is personal and includes specifics from the health measures we tested.

Your Health Team has reviewed these results and created a full report with video briefings to explain your data with recommendations and care options to consider.

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Your 360 Health Report
Make decisions with real numbers

We spend too much time worrying about what is good for our bodies and what is not. We worry about the quality of our food, nutritional value, fat content, salt intake (and so on) nearly every time we think about food. We worry about the quality and quantity of our exercise routines. We worry about the air we breathe, our stress levels, our alcohol intake, and all the mysterious goings-on inside our bodes.

But what if you didn't have to worry about those things? What if there was a way for you to get a glimpse into your body to give you an accurate snapshot of your current state of health?
This is Physical 360. We measure your health.

The 360 Scan

We have reinvented the experience of measuring your health.

Why #1: You want to know you're healthy.
Knowing your health is intact and that you do not need to worry about health-related issues.
Why #2: Early detection and treatment can save lives.
Identifying and treating an undiagnosed condition can save your life and reduce treatment times.

Your health made clear.

The report is amazing!


Personal Health Report

A snapshot of your current health. The report clearly outlines important factors that may be impacting your health.


Key Metrics &  Video Explanations

Key metrics are outlined and explained and each provider creates a video debriefing your results. The report can be referred back to at any time and we encourage you to share your progress and goals with your health team.


One-on-one health result briefing

Each member has a one-on-one briefing with their providers to discuss their results. We want to ensure that you understand each metric and measure and are provided with the right information to drive positive outcomes and longevity.

Early signs.

We track your health patterns over time.

Your health data is very important. Over time, it's invaluable.
All of your health data is mapped and monitored over time. Patterns matter.

* Our Early Signs program assists in the identification of potential negative health patterns
We track your health numbers over time.


Your health numbers are super important, over time, they're invaluable.

We track your 360 data. You can see the patterns and trends over time.
We've even building in triggers that make your health numbers even smart.

Experience the 360 Scan

A program designed to positively impact health. The 360 Scan is led by industry specialists to provide you with a complete picture of your health. This isn’t your grandpa’s annual physical exam. 360 Labs provides the most advanced and innovative tests to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your health.
Health Symptoms, History & Evaluation
Members receive an in-depth evaluation: metabolic, biochemistry, hematology, and vitals. Review of existing symptoms, medical, and family history.
@home or in Lab Testing
@home services are available, a 360 Lab Tech will visit you at a location convenient to you. If you’d prefer to visit a local lab, we’ll take care of setting up the appointment for you.
Functional Physical Health
An optional session focused on evaluating cardio, balance, posture & strength. Highlighting your strengths and areas of (potential) weaknesses.
360 Report
Each test ordered & conducted provides value and insights into your health. The 360 Report outlines the purpose and results of each test. Video summaries are also provided by each provider.
One-on-One time with Clinicians
Each member will have a 360 Report review with their providers. To discuss the results and next steps and to outline health goals and plans.
Specialist Referrals, Prescriptions, Requisitions & Plan
We’ll be here for you year after year. We’ll help you create a health plan and schedule regular follow-ups to ensure that you're healthy.

We measure your health

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A personal avatar and profile image.

Once you've booked your Physical360, you'll be able to create your own customized avatar which will be displayed on your report and in your portal.

Even better - it's yours to keep! Use it anywhere you like - on your social media page, your email signature - wherever! You can even frame it and hang it above your fireplace! 

Choose from all kinds of styles and personalize it exactly the way you like. After all - this is about you.

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One way in which we are driving our mission forward is by teaming up with businesses to offer their employees health services they can count on as part of their benefits package. If you're a company looking for a health program with top-notch insights, comprehensive metrics, and user-friendly platforms and content to help your employees find the best version of themselves, give us a call. We are the leaders in virtual health betterment.
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