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Make Canadians the healthiest people on the planet.

Let's start with "why not?". Canada is one of the best places you can live. We have prosperity and we are ranked 16th for longevity. Not bad, but let's dare to reach a little higher. Canada should be in the top 3 countries for longevity and health span. Better yet, let's aim for #1. :-)

Brain, Heart + more testing.

A report and options you understand.

This is about you.

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Is the 360 Health Scan right for you?

If you’re 40 years old or older.  If your parents or siblings have a health history with any disease patterns, your risk is higher.

A 360 Health Scan takes the “unknowns” and makes them “knowns”.    We measure your health. 

We employ extensive tests to identify common and not-so-common issues.  
Metabolic, biochemistry, hematology...more.

We make it easy, with @home labs.

We make it understandable with our 360 Health Report.

We take action with referrals, prescriptions and imaging.

A smart approach to your longevity and health.

*Did you know that your employee benefits will cover most (if not all) of the costs of your 360 Health Scan?
Talk to one of our team to explain the details.

The 360 Report - Beyond the Ordinary

This changes how you see yourself, what's going right and what you need to do with what's not.

Start your new health journey today. Book a free 360 consult and start feeling better about your longevity.

You may be feeling tired or sore or just not like yourself.
We get it!
Take action about measuring your health and living a longer, fuller lifestyle.

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